Professional color grading on your iPhone/iPad

Import, edit and share your own color presets (LUTs)

Browse your LUTs

  • Order and easily preview your LUTs.
  • Import your .cube and .3dl files directly from the Cloud or shared from other apps.
  • Share your LUTs to other apps like LumaFusion or to the desktop by simply using Air-Drop.

Advanced Tools

Includes adjustment tools such as HSL Controls, Split-Tone, RGB, LAB, HSL, CMYK Curves, Wheels, and Color Masks. 

More than 3000 Cinematic LUTs

Organized in 120 categories. These include technical LUTs for space conversions and artistic LUTs!

Color Visualization

Displays color data with Histogram, 3D LUT cube,
Vectorscope, RGB Parades, and Waveforms!

AI Color Match

Transfer colors from images and save the matching as LUTs.

Color Masks

Protect skin color with color picking masks.

Combine LUTs

Combine multiple LUTs in the LAB color space for creating new ones.

Video and Image Effects

Apply advanced effects like Halation, Grain, Denoise and Glow.

Film Emulation

Includes hundreds of technical LUTs and analog film emulations.

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